What do you get when you mix a hand held camera stabilizer, a monopod, a tripod, a camera stand, a body camera mount/Ego cam, a Kitty/Doggy/Monkey cam and a camera boom all together?

Introducing STEDDIEPOD. STEDDIEPOD is the redevelopment of a device developed over 20 years ago by multiple Emmy Award winning creator Eddie Barber. Originally designed for "Handheld" ENG cameras, but as we all know cameras were a bit heavy back then (there's an understatement). Unfortunately, camera operators complained about the weight (you could say; STEDDIEPOD "was ahead of its time"). Well now with the development of very lightweight/High Quality DV cameras, we have reintroduced (and renamed it) the "STEDDIEPOD". STEDDIEPOD is ideal as a hand held camera stabilizer. You can walk with the STEDDIEPOD and make your shots smooth as silk. Or use is as a monopod. Or to boom up and get a shot over everyone's heads. Or bottom mounted it makes great Kitty/Doggy/Monkey cam shots. Also as a body camera mount/Ego cam it supports the camera out in front of the operator allowing the operator to shoot him/her self as they walk, talk, dance or perform.


with Fluid Head and Swivel Handle


Includes very smooth spring loaded fluid head with dutch tilt and level ball.
(works with cameras up to 6 lbs)*

Swivel Handle helps eliminate left-to-right chatter to give you the ultimate smooth shot.

Weight: 5.03 lbs
Minimum Lens Height: 35 inches
Maximum Lens Height: 77 inches

How to Balance your Steddiepod

Steddiepod Manual



LANC Zoom Control

Worlds most versatile Camera Remote Zoom Control.


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Steddiepod Tripod

This tripod utilizes the same fluid head as the Steddiepod stabilizer. This makes for going back and forth from each system very easy.


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19" EZ Flag

The Steddiepod Offset Balance Plat eallows for camera balance on the Steddiepod for specific small cameras.


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